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A selection of writing and presentations by Dr. Furaha Asani

 Disrupting narratives of race science (November, 2022) Museums Association Conference

All migrants deserve support – not just the ‘good’ ones (November, 2019) The Guardian

Relational Power: addressing the conditions needed for change (October, 2021) Hopeful Futures Seminar Series, Bristol+Bath Creative R+D.

A three-point checklist for Covid-19 vaccine conversations (December, 2020)

Why are mental health problems elevated among graduate student? (October, 2019) Editage Online Magazine

Latest article from Dr. Ruby Zelzer

This is the first in a series analysing HESA data released from 2021/2022 that is disaggregated by race and ethnicity. It offers insight into the persisting under-representation of Black people in academia

The racialised road to full professorship in UK