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Expertise and Knowledge

We are grounded in responsible research and innovation. Our network of talent spans academia, community and industry, many are Black, minoritised and marginalised.

Tailored Solutions

Discuss with us what you want to achieve, present the hurdles you face and we will provide you with the tools and techniques to effectively transform your systems and processes.


We envision a future of abundance. We offer a long-term continuous learning process that helps you recruit and retain the staff that you require for success.

Reimagine Redefine is a knowledge and research consultancy which builds tailored solutions for organisations while encouraging creativity and unbridled imagination. We have a network like no other, with talented people in academia, community and industry who are Black, minoritised and marginalised. From this comes a fountain of knowledge and expertise that is shaped for a future where abundance is the norm. This is the place where we help you see beyond inclusion, equity and diversity, and foreground your work in responsible research and innovation.

Our goal is to influence who you are and what you do, by sharing who we are and how our experiences have shaped us. If you are looking for a critical friend and you are truly prepared for the immersive experience of deconstructing in order to rebuild with care and purpose as your foundation, you are in the right place. 

With us, you are on a journey to discover what lies beyond talking about inclusion and putting it into action. We see beyond hurdles without ignoring their presence. We troubleshoot using research and our network, to let you know how other organisations have had success. We provide you with tools to allow you to transform systems and process to enable your organisation to truly show value for those who bring inclusion into your organisation. We offer a long-term continuous learning process that helps you retain the high-quality staff that you require. 

We have a combined 15 years of practice across researching on and communicating about best practice in research and higher education in the UK. With backgrounds in academia and a strong portfolio of work spanning social justice advocacy, holding researchers and funders to account, and solidarity-building with like-minded researchers, organisers, and activists, we are committed to an ethical approach in our work and dedicated towards continued growth.