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About Us

Dr. Furaha Asani

Research Lead – Facilitation and Responsible Research

Furaha Asani (she/her) is a public academic, award-winning speaker and teacher, mental health advocate, precarious migrant, and writer with interest in the themes of global health equity, a world without borders, and science in pop culture. She has written for several platforms including Black Ballad, The Guardian, The Independent,, Medium, Star Trek, Reader’s Digest, Huffpost and many others. Furaha is currently the Research Lead at Pervasive Media Studio in Watershed in Bristol, and co-chair on the Community Advisory Panel (CAP) at Wellcome Connecting Science.

Dr. Ruby Zelzer

Research Lead – Data research, engagement and equitable practice

Ruby Zelzer (she/her) is a consultant and researcher specialising in metadata analysis. Ruby has interdisciplinary research expertise with a background in materials science for biomedical/health applications and values both quantitative and qualitative data. Ruby routinely consults organisations (Universities and Funders) in inclusive practice to help inform grant design and developing solutions to address under-representation of Black academics. She has expertise in networking and utilises social media (@paperwhispers on Twitter) to promote Black PhD schemes in UK and maintains a list of Black women professors in UK.